Letting a property

Letting a Property:

Letting a property can be overwhelming, especially if it's your first time. We want our landlords to be as well informed as possible, so we've put together a few useful and factual brochures to help you during the process including:

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Finding the Right Tenants

Finding the right tenants is essential and this is made easier in the Optimum Rental Months of the year (June – September) due to the significant increase of tenants registering with any estate agent.

We have Links with Large Corporations including Deutsche Bank, to much closer to home with certain Universities (UCL) and of which the most recent addition to Maison Residential is an International Chinese Corporation, who specialise in Student Relocation Programmes, often paying a minimum of Six Months Advanced Rent.

We ensure that all potential tenants undergo a screening and reference check.

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Quality of Tenant

The Quality of Tenant is Paramount so you will be advised of Two Different Valuations when receiving the lettings price:

1- The Higher Price does not mean a better Quality of Tenant
This leads to more "Wear & Tear" at the end of each tenancy, leaving the landlord having to spend more regularly on their Investment and not being as cost effective.
2- The Right Valuation to ensure a Better Quality of Tenant,
Who is best suited to your Investment – This involves achieving a more "Realistic" figure, to ensure less "Wear & Tear" at the end of the tenancy and often getting the flat rented more quickly.

Remember – Every week that goes by with your Flat being left Empty whilst you try and achieve that extra few pounds, means a loss of rental income which can be going straight into your pockets!

Face-to-Face Meetings

At Maison Residential, we ensure we do everything possible to secure the best tenant and the Principal way of achieving this is to host face-to-face meetings between landlords and tenants, after the price has been agreed. The whole purpose of these meetings is to iron out any issues that may be keeping the deal from closing and most importantly, so that the Landlord has a better view of who will be living in their property. This results in much more agreed lets and a greater chance of the tenants staying longer than their initial first term.

Tenants fees apply on rental properties.

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